Fitness for Service (FFS)

Fitness-for-service (FFS) is a multi-disciplinary engineering approach used to determine if equipment is fit to continue operation. We offer quick responses in emergency situations to provide clients with solutions and peace of mind. 

We have diverse experience in equipment design, manufacturing and the application of specialist analytical tools. This ensures we provide safe, fit-for-purpose and sustainable solutions. Some equipment may have excessive corrosion, propagating fatigue cracks or contain flaws. Alternatively is may have sustained damage, or have aged. As a result it may not be possible to evaluate by use of the original construction codes. Our engineers provide solutions to our clients that enable them to continue the safe operation of their plant.

At Deacon Engineers we:

  • Carry out onsite inspection and collect data related to the materials, products, structures or components that failed
  • Use strain gauging for the determination of actual in-service stresses
  • Have AICIP qualified inspectors to undertake pressure equipment inspections
  • Undertake FFS assessments to API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 and BS 7910
  • Provide FEA services utilising ANSYS and Abaqus
  • Provide fatigue analysis using fe-safe™ and Verity™
  • Conduct fracture analysis using Abaqus software, including 3D crack growth modelling
  • Conduct precision 3D laser scanning of deformed surfaces
  • Have staff trained to work on site at heights and in confined spaces

Fitness for service

For a more comprehensive look into the FFS applications we can offer you, please view our Fitness for Service capability statement by clicking the button below.