Pressure Equipment

Deacon Engineers can design pressure equipment and pressure vessels that comply with appropriate codes and standards, but did you know that in-service operation also needs to ensure ongoing compliance?

Our services include:

  • Design & design verification to Australian and International codes
  • Design and plant registration with regulatory authorities
  • AICIP qualified inspectors to undertake pressure equipment inspections
  • Assessment of localised wall thinning and planar defects
  • Hazard Level Assessment
  • Assessment of fatigue life and life extension possibilities for existing equipment
  • Design services for modification and retrofitting of existing vessels for new duties or services
  • Tags AS1200, AS1210, AS1228, AS3920, AS 4041, AS4458, AS4037, AS/NZS 3992, AS/NZS 3788, AS 3873, ASME BPVC VIII, PD5500, EN13445, GB150, TEMA,