Finite Element Analysis

The use of finite element analysis (FEA) has become common in recent years and is now the basis for most engineering designs. Numerical solutions to very complicated stress problems can now be readily obtained using FEA.

Deacon Engineers understands the importance of FEA and recognises that the accuracy of any modelling and solutions is fundamentally reliant on the experience and knowledge of the analyst. Years of practical design and manufacturing experience, combined with extensive use of FEA, enable us to provide unique pragmatic solutions.

Our FEA services utilise ANSYS, Abaqus, Strand7, Multiframe and SPACE GASS software, and include:

  • Linear and non-linear static analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Spectral and harmonic response analysis
  • Linear and non-linear steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis
  • Transient dynamic behaviour analysis